(Hàng Mới Về) Dao Cạo Râu Tiện Dụng Cho Nam Nữ

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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Dao Cạo Râu Tiện Dụng Cho Nam Nữ

This bikini trimmer safely and comfortably shaves, trims and holds sensitive bikini areas. A sharp hypoallergenic bikini designed for sensitive skin.
Made from food grade silicone, contact with the skin does not cause allergies and other skin problems, use a razor kit, simply shave and shape.
Multi-use: With the high quality razor, suitable for whole body shaving. Such as private area, bikini, underarm,arm,leg, beard,etc...Make your body more smooth.
How to use: 1. Determine the shape: Place the mold in the pubic area; 2. Start to shaving: Shave around the mold with a razor; 3. Finish and create a perfect shape.
Package Included: 1 Shaping Tool + 1 Razor
Material: ABS silicone
Heart type: 55x52mm/2.17x2.05in
Beauty lips: 35x53mm/1.38x2.09in
Lightning type: 70x25mm/2.76x0.98in
Moon type: 48x38mm/1.89x1.5in
Straight type: 75x13mm/2.95x0.51in
Starfish type: 59x40mm/2.32x1.57in
Triangle type: 55x21mm/2.17x0.83in
Shaving knife: 90x25mm/3.54x0.98in
Package Includes:
1x Shaping Tool
1x Razor
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